Seaside house, Brantevik

Brantevik is a picturesque Swedish fishing village located in the southeastern part of the county of Skåne known as Österlen – one of Sweden’s most attractive tourist destinations.

This small seaside house, with an area of only 50 sq.m, has regained its former character after a rather brutal renovation in the 1940s. Space is limited but installing dormers in the roof or building an extension were out of the question as this is not allowed by local planning regulations to protect the village. However, permission to put a new skylight in the attic was granted in order to allow light into this newly renovated area. A new door was also put in on one gable to connect the house with a small outbuilding where a laundry room, a guest room and a bathroom are located. Between the house and the outbuilding, a lovely patio area was created facing west with a sea view. Inside, an open floor plan was chosen where the stairs and the brick chimney stack form a hub in the middle of the house around which people pass and congregate. The renovated house now offers much better access to the garden and views of the sea.